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Conservative module

Stable yield of 8% per year with lower investment risk.

More secure investment with a reduced risk

Conservative module for effective valuation of investment on foreign exchange markets.

Konzervatívny modul - Investovanie na kapitálových trhoch

For investors who want to avoid higher risk

Prudent investing suits you when you do not want to endanger your capital with a higher degree of risk.

Stable yield 8% per year

Even if you prefer increased capital protection, you can achieve an interesting return. In this case 8% per year.

Lower investment risk - 15% of the deposit

The conservative strategy and a systematic approach bring lower investment risk. You risk a maximum of 15% of the deposit.

Algorithm works for you

You do not have to monitor the foreign exchange market and actively trade. Your investment is effectively managed and evaluated by a secured algorithm.

Algorithm works for you

The fully automated algorithm includes money and risk management, setting stop-losses and closing profits. It is designed to achieve an attractive yield with the conservative module.

3 steps toward your investment

Start the appreciation of your capital. You are only 3 steps away from investing on the foreign exchange markets.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form, by phone or by e-mail. We will contact you back within 24 hours.


We will introduce to you our know-how, algorithm possibilities and investment potential in a personal meeting or via a video call.


After signing a contract with a defined level of risk and amount of return, you will make a deposit to Gain Capital's account and become an investor.

Use the conservative module for an attractive return of your investment

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FAQ - Conservative module

Our services can be used by anyone who owns capital, wants to invest on foreign exchange markets and accepts a certain degree of risk. Natural and legal person. The basic condition is age over 18 years old. We work with investors who prefer to avoid risk, but also with investors who are willing to take it.

The Forex foreign exchange market allows you to buy and sell foreign currencies in cashless form. Trading works on the principle of speculation as to whether individual currency pairs will strengthen or weaken. Effective tracking of market movements is ensured by a fully automated algorithm. This trading software uses complex settings and analytical processes to help the investor to achieve a return or a revenue based on the chosen investment strategy.

The minimum deposit amount to the Gain Capital account is € 5,000 for the Conservative module and € 10,000 for the Growth module. This is an initial one-time deposit that will be appreciated over the life of the investment.

The frequency of profit payment depends on you. You have two options to choose from: pay out the profit once a year or once after the end of the investment.

Investing with us is tied to a time horizon of one to four years. It is during this period that you can achieve the best results in the medium and long term horizon. In individual cases, the investment may also be extended.